William C. Fitt, "Steam and Stirling Engines You Can Build, Book 2"
Home Shop Machinist | 1994 | ISBN: 0941653188 | 240 pages | PDF | 86,4 MB

Our world has become an increasingly busy place, with more and more demands tugging at our lives. Our stress levels can easily rise to an unwanted or even dangerous degree. There are lots of ways to ease the tension -good books, sports, outdoor activities like camping, biking, or hiking, and on and on. Peace and tranquility can also be found in the process of cutting metal by the thousandth or ten-thousandths of an inch on your lathe or mill in the home machine shop.

The primary purpose of Steam and Stirling, Book 2, just like its predecessor, is to provide the hobby machinist at any level of skill with some projects, designs and guidance in the form of steam or hot air powered engines.

The designs have been drawn from Live Steam. The articles were published sometime between 1982 and 1993 by 22 different authors. The level of difficulty ranges from the very simple engines of John Aho, Andy Sprague, and Ray Colin, whose projects can be completed with little more than a drill press and hand tools, to the very sophisticated designs of Philip Duclos, Richard Mitchell, and Jeff Maier. Some are designs based upon prototype engines, and others are original. Also included are some suggested means of heating things up; there's a plan for an automatic electric model boiler, one for a very simple alcohol burner, and another on using propane gas to fire your engine. You'll also find some fine techniques for creating more satisfactory lubrication, making a wood flywheel, or roll forming copper boiler heads.

All that is required from you to build one or more of these projects is the desire. Having picked up this book is the first step to accomplishing that goal. If you wish to have your skills improve and grow, just start with the first engine you believe you can build, and take it from there. In the process, you'll find your collection of operating engines expand as your stress level declines.

As Bill Fitt said in the first Steam and Stirling book, "The two main requirements necessary to get you into the Live Steam Hobby are 1) decide and 2) begin!" And so say I!
Joe Rice

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