Power System Operations and Electricity Markets, by FRED I. DENNY AND DAVID E. DISMUKES (CRC Press LLC, 2002)| 134 pages| ISBN 0-8493-0813-5| 1.65 mb


…a very good book directed toward undergraduate engineering students… The authors clearly explain market mechanisms and the restructured wholesale power industry…Especially, the authors provide an accurate and thorough discussion of power system operations and technology and how these both impact and enable the new competitive power markets to function. This book will make an excellent adjunct work for undergraduate or first-year graduate courses in power engineering. …it provides clear technical descriptions of power generation and distribution systems operations, and insight into how evolving power systems technology will impact and enable new competitive power markets.


Product Description

The electric power industry in the U.S. has undergone dramatic changes in recent years. Tight regulations enacted in the 1970's and then de-regulation in the 90's have transformed it from a technology-driven industry into one driven by public policy requirements and the open-access market. Now, just as the utility companies must change to ensure their survival, engineers and other professionals in the industry must acquire new skills, adopt new attitudes, and accommodate other disciplines. Power System Operations and Electricity Markets provides the information engineers need to understand and meet the challenges of the new competitive environment. Integrating the business and technical aspects of the restructured power industry, it explains, clearly and succinctly, how new methods for power systems operations and energy marketing relate to public policy, regulation, economics, and engineering science. The authors examine the technologies and techniques currently in use and lay the groundwork for the coming era of unbundling, open access, power marketing, self-generation, and regional transmission operations.The rapid, massive changes in the electric power industry and in the economy have rendered most books on the subject obsolete. Based on the authors' years of front-line experience in the industry and in regulatory organizations, Power System Operations and Electricity Markets is current, insightful, and complete with Web links that will help readers stay up to date.

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