Power System Harmonic Analysis
Publisher: Wiley | Pages: 382 | 1997-09 | ISBN 0471975486 | PDF | 14 MB

Quality of power supply is now a major issue worldwide making harmonic analysis an essential element in power system planning and design. Power System Harmonic Analysis presents novel analytical and modelling tools for the assessment of components and systems, and their interactions at harmonic frequencies. The recent proliferation of power electronic equipment is a significant source of harmonic distortion and the authors present effective techniques to tackle this real engineering problem. Features include:
* Introduction to the main harmonic modelling philosophies
* Analysis of the behaviour of harmonic sources, stressing the interaction of ac/dc converters with the power system
* Information showing the reader how to predict accurately the levels of voltage and current harmonics throughout the power system
* Explanation of the techniques currently used for the prediction of harmonic content and the more advanced algorithms recently developed to determine both characteristic and uncharacteristic harmonic levels
* Description of methods to facilitate accurate assessment of harmonic sources and precise harmonic flow analysis
* Practical guidance on the prediction of unstable conditions and uncharacteristic harmonics

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