Home Made Power Plant is the name of an eBook that deals with the timely and important topic of how to reduce the escalating costs of electricity in an environmentally friendly way. This instruction manual attempts to teach the reader how to build low-cost solar and wind powered electricity generators in order to reduce or even completely eliminate the amount of power purchased from the utility companies.

One of the major problems of home generated electricity has been the enormous up-front cost of purchasing and having a commercial system installed. At $6,000 to well over $20,000 the beak even point can in some cases be 8 to 15 years. Building your own can be as low as $200 each for either a solar panel or a single wind turbine. The pay back on building it yourself can be just a few weeks.

What you get?

Home Made Power Plant is an instant download, 115 page eBook that you can read directly from a computer monitor or print out for more traditional reading.

Bonus Materials: 2 eBooks are offered as free bonuses: " How To Build Solar Panels" ?Biodiesel, An Alternative Gas Solution For Your Car? and ?Tricks and Tips To Save Energy?.

What Building Skills Are Required?

Just the basic tools skills that most homeowners acquire over time. Using a jigsaw, electric drill, soldering, hammering, sawing, screw driving, painting etc.

If you choose to integrate your solar or wind generators into your home wiring to add to the power to run your household or even to sell your excess electricity back to the power company, you wills need to hire a licensed electrician.

What Tools are Needed?

Jigsaw, hand or circular saw, soldering iron, electric drill, socket set, file, hand sander, screw drivers, paint brush, hammer, etc?. Well you get the idea. All you will need are common everyday tools most of which you may already own.

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