Arthur H. Lefebvre, "Gas Turbine Combustion: Alternative Fuels and Emissions, Third Edition"
Publisher: C//R//C Press; 3 edition | 2010 | ISBN: 1420086049 | PDF | 557 pages | 8.3 MB

Reflecting the developments in gas turbine combustion technology that have occurred in the last decade, Gas Turbine Combustion: Alternative Fuels and Emissions, Third Edition provides an up-to-date design manual and research reference on the design, manufacture, and operation of gas turbine combustors in applications ranging from aeronautical to power generation. Essentially self-contained, the book only requires a moderate amount of prior knowledge of physics and chemistry.
In response to the fluctuating cost and environmental effects of petroleum fuel, this third edition includes a new chapter on alternative fuels. This chapter presents the physical and chemical properties of conventional (petroleum-based) liquid and gaseous fuels for gas turbines; reviews the properties of alternative (synthetic) fuels and conventional-alternative fuel blends; and describes the influence of these different fuels and their blends on combustor performance, design, and emissions. It also discusses the special requirements of aircraft fuels and the problems encountered with fuels for industrial gas turbines. In the updated chapter on emissions, the authors highlight the quest for higher fuel efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions as well as the regulations involved.
Continuing to offer detailed coverage of multifuel capabilities, flame flashback, high off-design combustion efficiency, and liner failure studies, this best-selling book is the premier guide to gas turbine combustion technology. This edition retains the style that made its predecessors so popular while updating the material to reflect the technology of the twenty-first century.
About the Author
Arthur H. Lefebvre (1923–2003) was Emeritus Professor at Cranfield University and Purdue University.
Dilip R. Ballal is Hans von Ohain Distinguished Chair Professor at the University of Dayton.

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