electrical calculation handbook  by John Paschal
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Professional| ISBN:10: 0071360956| PDF | 435   pages | 4 mb

We all frequently need electrical reference material, and sometimes we need an explanation of how certain electrical equipment works, what dimensions are acceptable or unacceptable, or approximately which values of things such as voltage drop or wire size are reasonable. I have observed over the years that there are certain electrical engineering and design resources that I refer to more frequently than any others. In my work I have also noticed that there are certain types of calculations that are important enough to occur frequently, but not frequently enough for me to have memorized all of the dimensional or output data associated with them. In addition, making calculations without reference values to “go by” sets the stage for errors that could have been avoided if similar calculations could be referred to. Finally, there is a need for good explanatory material that can be shared with fellow engineers or designers or with owners. Such information is invaluable in helping them to make sound decisions, since most thinking individuals can make a good decision when given the correct data to consider.

It was with all of these in mind that I conceived of this electrical calculations handbook. It is intended to be a handy tool that provides in just one place much of the information that one normally seeks from reference manuals; it also provides solved “go-by” problems of the most-oftenencountered
types in the electrical industry to expedite solutions and make calculations easy. Instead of simply providing formulas without explanations, I took care to explain each problem type and formula, and to prepare step-by-step solutions. The problems covered in this book range from explanations of Ohm’s law and generator sizing, to lighting calculations and electrical cost estimating and engineering
economics calculations. I made every effort to make the book concise enough to be portable, while still including the very best graphic illustrations. I also included, following this preface, a detailed listing of problem types in alphabetical order to make finding the proper “go-by” calculation easy and fast.

I sincerely hope that you will find that keeping this “electrical calculation reference library in one book” close by will save you from having to carry several other reference books, and that it will expedite your work while making it easier and more accurate. I hope that the knowledge and insight gained from it will add even more fun to your work in our terrific electrical industry.

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