Electric Power Systems: Analysis and Control (IEEE Press Series on Power Engineering) by Fabio Saccomanno
Wiley-IEEE Press | ISBN: 0471234395 | Year:2003 | 730 pages | PDF | 7.6MB

Text offers a treatment of analysis and synthesis of power systems and their controls from a system perspective. Gives special attention to operational planning, control, and modeling of the physical phenomena involved in electric power systems. For anyone associated with electric power systems.

A systematic reporting of all aspects of the electric power field, including coverage of both hydro- and thermal-generating plants.
* Thorough coverage of both static and dynamic operations of power systems.
* A global perspective from both an academic and industrial point of view.
* Emphasis on the important relations between operations and control devices, including useful considerations for control system design.
* New developments and original contributions, both for theory and for practical applications.

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