Steven W. Blume, "Electric Power System Bas for the Nonelectrical Professional (IEEE Series on Power Engineering)"
Publisher: IEEE | 2007 | ISBN 0470129875 | PDF | 256 pages | 6.3 MB

This book explains the essentials of interconnected electric power systems in very basic, practical terms, giving a comprehensible overview of the terminology, electrical concepts, design considerations, construction practices, operational aspects, and industry standards for nontechnical professionals having an interest in the power industry. From generation to household wiring, this book explains it all in easy-to-understand terms.

Electrical Power System Basics exposes readers to all of the important aspects of an interconnected power system without assuming a great deal of existing knowledge or experience. Some very basic formulas are presented throughout the book and several examples, photographs, drawings, and illustrations are provided to help the reader gain a fundamental understanding of the subject.

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